Project Mermaid


Project Mermaid was a bit of fun craziness on my part—my version of TV’s “Project Runway.” 🙂 I intended to release four new designs each week, allowing readers to vote for their favorite. At the end of twelve weeks, the winning designs would be featured on a calendar.

Time constraints put this “virtual reality show” on hiatus indefinitely—but, we’ll see. Perhaps when I get some free time, I’ll fire it up again. In the meantime, here are the results from the first two weeks:

WEEK ONE’s Challenge was: “Found Objects.” Caught Looking Fabulous was the winner!


WEEK TWO’s Challenge was: “Baubles and Beads.” “Shake That Booty” was the winner!

Click on the photos to see the designs and the results of the votes!


Published on December 5, 2007 at 9:26 pm  Comments (12)  

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  1. Cool idea mouse – they way you’ve set this up is great! And lovely work as always.

    “Fashionating” 🙂

    -Ann (drawdog5 on eBay)

  2. “Fashionating”…lol, I wish I had thought of that! :-):-D Thank you!

  3. Fashionating indeed. Love these gals. Just beautiful!

  4. Wow, you come up with the neatest ideas 🙂 (I voted by the way)

  5. Aw, thank you Leola!

  6. Mouse, your paintings are fabulous! And, as a serious fashionista myself, I declare that you ought to start your very own label. I can just see your designs on the cover of Vogue, et al!

  7. lol, Thanks, Tessa!

  8. I like these. They’re so sparkly.

  9. Great idea!!! and I love “Caught Looking Fabulous”

  10. Astonishingly awesome art! Great website! Here’s a poem I wrote about mermaid-wishing that your art illustrates so beautifully:

    I think I would feel good
    if I could scuba in Aruba
    like a mermaid underwater
    like King Neptune’s only daughter
    with the warm, clear turquoise water
    my exclusive alma mater

    I could swim fast like an otter
    I would skim past like a yachter
    I’d be long, tanned and trim
    in fact a synonym with joy
    If I would just act on my whim
    and get out of here— Oh, boy!
    –Kelly Athena

  11. hi i am 11 and i love mermaids and when i found out about vera’s painting’s i was in mermaid heavan if i could pick a famous person to meet i would pick VERA LUCIA EMERIM!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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