Project Mermaid | Series Two: It’s Alive!



Allll right—let’s rock and roll!

Project Mermaid|Series Two has suffered through my disorganizational delays and an actual blackout that prevented it from going live last night, and it was late today—but it’s ON! Firmly nestled in its new time slot of Thursdays at 7:30 pm, voting for the new series will go live here on this blog every week, followed within minutes by the debut of the original artwork in my eBay auctions. You can comment on the fashions, vote for your favorite, and even bid to own the originals! It’s all good.

Plus this is doing mighty weird things to my writer’s brain—I think I’ll be posting mid-week behind-the-scenes gossip news about what’s going on backstage at Project Mermaid! (Well, yes, I do have a life, it’s just a very…storified one…)

So click on the link above to check out this week’s challenge—and also stop by last week’s page to see the winner and read the recaps! What are the designers thinking…?

(This one’s thinking it’s time for more cough syrup and some bedtime.)



We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties


Yesterday it was my lateness, combined with the slowing effects of a brand-new cold. Today it was because the power went out when I was painting, and stayed out till it was too late.

So, loyal fans, PROJECT MERMAID: SERIES TWO will air at an unprecedentedly late THURSDAY time slot. Can it be unprecedented if it’s only the second week of the series? I guess so, since the first episode aired on time. Well, not really on time, it was late, as well, but at least it aired on Tuesday. But this works out well, after all, since next Tuesday is Christmas Day, and who will be browsing online then?

So—hang with me here—Project Mermaid Series TWO will start THURSDAY and end NEXT THURSDAY. Series Three will start next Tueday, as it should. Overlapping schedules, but we do what we need to do.

Apparently we need to be drinking way too much coffee and eating too many chocolate chips at an unconscionably late hour, prompting us to speak in the third person and spend more than the usual amount of brain cells pondering fish folk and writing about events that never existed…yet make it seem as if they did…but I’m a writer, so I can do that, right? Right. Okay, so go read the recap of this past week’s episode and see what the imaginary characters have to say for themselves.

I’m having way too much fun with this series.

Wait’ll you see the next installment…I spent way too much time painting them, too.


Technical Difficulties

Okay, this is to the nine people who are paying attention.

I’m experiencing slight technical difficulties, and tonight’s new episide of “Project Mermaid” will be postponed until tomorrow.  Sorry, guys.  You can go home now.  No stampeding—single file, please; the parking lot may be a madhouse, so just take your time…

See you tomorrow!

Project Mermaid: Series 1 Ends Tonight!



Project Mermaid: Series One: “Found Objects” ends tonight! The poll closes at 7:30 pm PST! So swim on over and vote for your favorite mermaid fashion—today’s winner will make it into my new mousewords calendar, and will go up against the winners over the next eleven weeks to determine the champion!

Which fish-ion designer/mermodel team gets your vote?

~~Designer Clay and mermodel Penelope with “Caught Looking Fabulous”?

~~Designer Sasha and mermodel Andrea with “Sea Wed”?

~~Designer Coralie and mermodel Raine with “Pearls Before Swim”?

~~Designer Sharky and mermodel Carmen with “Coral Fire”?

Just a few more hours to decide…until the poll closes and the NEW episode airs tonight! Tune in right here to find out what Challenge Two will be!







Proving, once again, that I must have more time on my hands than I realize, I have just launched PROJECT MERMAID!  Any fans of Project Runway out there?  Then check out my Project Mermaid for fun!  You be the Judge—comment on the fashion designs, then vote for your favorite! And if you really, really like a design, you can bid to own it in my eBay auctions!

WEEK ONE’S CHALLENGE is: “Found Objects.”

Visit my “Project Mermaid” page and let the fun begin!


Cinderella’s Closet

'Princess Edrienne' by mousewords


Is anyone doing fall cleaning around the house? I redid my closet today. Specifically, I needed to redo my closet when my shoe rack collapsed under the weight of several canvas paintings-in-progress and a large box filled with quilting fabric. (Well, I dunno, what else do you use a shoe rack for?)

While I was rebuilding my canvas tower beside my sandwiched sweaters, I took the time to do a bit of “weeding.” I came up with one shirt and an old windbreaker that really have to go. Thankfully, I’m pretty up to date on keeping my closet organized—I’ve been through it recently and discarded those wearables that I almost never wear.

So what’s in your closet? Mind if I take a guess? No, not skeletons. Remember that soiree you went to some time ago—and the dress you purchased for it? That fancy slip of a thing that everyone said looked so stunning on you—the one you’ll never wear again? Because, sometimes, you can only wear a dress once. Maybe it’s because you’re blessed with a million others. Or perhaps you’re an outdoorsy type, and by the time you go to another function like that, the styles will have changed completely. Or maybe it’s because the dress just looked so darn good, that now everyone remembers it.

There’s another possible reason, which usually involves the combination of time and the ingestion of too much chocolate, but I won’t get into that one. (Like I won’t get into those jeans I stuffed back on the shelf today.)

So what do you do when you have a beautiful dress gathering dust in the back of your closet? One of three things. You can either:


A: Put it back in the closet, knowing (or hoping) that you’ll wear it again some day

B: Put it back in the closet, knowing (or even hoping) that you’ll NEVER wear it again someday

C: Give it away


I have a suggestion that might help you make that decision. Rather than stuff an unwanted dress back in your own closet, why not put it in Cinderella’s?

In many areas, the local High Schools have a program they often call “Cinderella’s Closet.” Cinderella’s Closet accepts donations of evening dresses and rents them out to students for special events. Remember how much that dress cost you for the soiree?? I remember mine, and even at that price it was a steal. Not every teen can afford the dress of her dreams for homecoming or prom; but with the help of Cinderella’s Closet, any girl can be a Princess for a night. Those of us who glean gorgeous, unwanted dresses from our stash of finery just might help make a wonderful memory for a young student somewhere.

So while you do your fall cleaning—or damage control, as the case may be—think ahead to the coming holidays. You’ll probably be buying something new to wear. So maybe take a moment to consider what you’ll do with that dress you only wore once last year.

Perhaps, somewhere, there’s a Cinderella who needs a fairy godmother.