Building a Castle of Dreams on a Strong Foundation



On a recent Sunday, I went for a walk on the beach with my family. We were happy to discover that a local artist–who is famous for his sand castles–had left yet another beautiful creation by the pier. He outdid himself with this one–towers decorated with hearts rose from a colorful mountaintop base. Careful details fired the imagination, making me think of the realm of possibilities in life, and the magic of believing in a dream.

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, the incoming tide was starting to fill the moat. With each new wave, the water crept closer to the castle. Several children had taken on the noble task of saving the castle from the onslaught. They worked tirelessly to build walls of sand around the moat, in a futile effort to block the waves. They were trying to stop the force of the sea–which was pretty close to being impossible. A few adults shared wisdom with them, advising them to shore up the base of the castle itself, to strengthen it so that it would survive the tide–in part, if not intact.

I watched the scene play out for at least an hour, while thoughts drifted through my mind. How that castle resembled my own aspirations–beautiful, colorful, a joy to behold. And how very much the sea resembled the harder circumstances in life–powerful, destructive, and often unstoppable.

And I knew that, sometimes, I resemble a person who is standing on a beach with a bucket, a shovel, and a vision.


When ideas, opportunity, and resources all come together at the same time, it’s tempting to fire into a venture with the first rush of excitement. Taking the tools at hand, we begin building our dreams into reality. Enthusiasm is indeed necessary for success; but we need to make sure we take a look at the whole picture before we begin. We need to look at the long-term–what might come down the road? What will happen when the tide shifts in our field? Will we be able to move with the tide, or will we be overwhelmed? What can we do to prevent against the destruction of all that we have worked for?

In the case of a castle sculpture, that might mean creating it on a movable surface and blending a fixative in with the sand so that it will dry securely and hold together. Instead of having a fleeting existence, a castle like that could be displayed for many years.

So what’s the equivalent with our castle of dreams? What base will make it adaptable to change? What can we put into it at the start to insure its strength in the future?

When we answer as many of those questions as we can at the beginning, we prepare wisely, building a solid foundation for our dream that will be able to withstand the test of time and struggle. And in doing so, we create something that can remain beautiful for generations to come.


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  1. Any and all resources are out there for one to build a dream upon. Let’s take writing for example…we take classes in English (or other languages) and create the foundation for a proper sentance structure. We take classes on creative writing, how-to seminars or webinars, we read a lot of books in the genre we want to write, and we get feedback and constructive criticism from others. Now, you are ready to write and look into being published.

    However…passion is something that can make us wild-eyed and bushy-tailed. When one finds something that excites their interest and we say to ourselves “I want to do that!” we sometimes tend to jump into it head first without thinking or planning. We set ourselves up for a quick thrill and lose interest, or walk away disappointed.

    Looking at things from all angles, comparing the pros and cons and learning as much as possible (knowledge is power) we can avoid many mistakes and pitfalls and gain as much out of our dreams as possible. Practicle, yet still creative. 8 )

  2. Great picture and wonderful post!

  3. Christine Taylor,
    Luckily, you still have this wonderful photo. The castle with the sign of love, tell people that we need to let our love flowing out . The waves are the force that constantly like to destroy it.
    Learning from your interesting story, we need to strengthen our foundation as well to withstand all the negative forces from our heart, let our positive force will over negative force, am I right?
    Have a fulfilling life, Christine Taylor.
    Best wishes from coolingstar9- your good friend.

  4. @CJ So true! When creativity and practicality work together, it makes for long-term benefit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    @SeasofSilver Thank you!

    @coolingstar9 That was a beautiful comment, and you are right. Thank you!

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