Relationships — Day Four


It’s Day Four of the Southern Cross Novel Challenge…I’m learning something about life from my imaginary friends.



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  1. No offense, but ask those questions of women first. You’ll waste less time. I say this as a representative of my gender: men will not answer any but the most casual of them.

  2. Christine, Your second vlog show much improvement. Liked your first but now you look great with earrings and all. Facinating about developing your book’s characters. Makes sense that you would need to know them inside and out so whatever they do or say is consistent with their core values. And then passing that along to the personal side as well… Reminds me of the Serrendipity games we used to play to get to know small group friends better. OMG, 8pm – 3AM to crank out 2000 words!

  3. @Rick, Noted! Thank you! 😀 I think, even if I don’t ask the questions outright, I’m learning to just listen better.

    @OCTechguy Thank you for the feedback! Yep, I’m learning, slow but sure 😀

  4. It’s different watching a vlog, but I like it. You totally need to hook up the Seesmic when you get your own site so we can all leave you video replies.

  5. Thanks! Yes, I’m definitely looking into that. 🙂

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