Four Days Late

TwitterTales…the creation of writer @seamusspeaks…a complete short story in one month, one Twitter post a day, 140 characters at a time. Not as easy as it sounds, and it doesn’t sound easy. But fun? Most certainly.

@Seamusspeaks invited me to participate last December–I came on board 4 days late, which led to the title of my first TwitterTale…”Four Days Late.” It began the story of Lady Marian of the Barony, as she struggles to find her lost family. Little did I know what writing a TwitterTale would be like–I had visions of completing a novel in less than 30 days. Heh heh. Not happening. December’s Tale was rather rushed at the ending, as I ran out of days.

But I was ready for January. I wrote the whole month’s Tale in one sitting, and posted one segment every day (unless I forgot, ahem). And I am continuing the saga each month.

But as it might be hard to find the Tales in the mountain of my Twitter Blither, I’m posting them in their entirety, to date, here on my blog. I’ll add every day’s post until the month’s story is done.

So whether you follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my blog, I welcome you to check back daily for the latest part of the adventure!

In the meantime, here for your reading pleasure is the entire text of “Four Days Late.” And stay tuned…because February is underway…


Four Days Late

TTa:01 Marian stood in the empty camp and stared at the devastation. 4 days. She was 4 days late. How could one make up for 4 days lost?

TTa:02 A winter wind bit at her lips as she drew a gasp. Tents & supplies were scattered. No sign of life. She was afraid to start looking.

TTa:03 A messenger had been sent but was caught. He escaped after 4 days. Only then did Marian get the news: Her home camp was under attack.

TTa:04 Marian had grown up among the forest camps. Now she was lady in waiting to a baroness. But her blood was wild, & her spirit was free.
TTa:05 With no more aid than a knight, a horseman & the messenger, she had come to save her people from the enemy. But found home in ruins.

TTa:06 Movement behind her; a large form. A deep, quiet voice.“What next Milady?” The knight. A nobleman, returned from war that very day.

TTa:07 He was a war hero & noble; Marian had a background lower than peasantry. Yet he quickly helped her. Eyes wet, she replied: “Search.”

TTa:08 The four combed the camp. Silent, cautious. Marian knew the enemy could hide. Raiders, thieves, they were. Covetous of home’s bounty.
TTa:09 Soundless minutes passed. Then a voice:“Everyone’s gone.” The wiry horseman, roughly clothed, eyes wary. “Fled? Captured?” he asked.

TTa:10 “Doomed,” whispered the messenger. A shell of a man, eyes blank. “The enemy took no prisoners.” The Knight stared. “They took you.”

TTa:11 He turned away. The Knight eyed him. “The safe Caves!”Marian exclaimed.“We’ll try there!” But the Knight caught her hand to stop her.

TTa:12 “The barony is rich. The friend of the baroness knows secrets.” “I’m not important,” she replied. “Yes you are,” he whispered. To me.

TTa:13 “I must find my family” Marian begged. The Knight paused. “Then we go to the caves.” He glanced at the messenger & saw him watching.

TTa:14 Marian gave the Knight a grateful gaze & brushed past the messenger. As dusk came on the 4 rode out. She led the way, wary & nervous.

TTa:15 The forest was dark by the caves. The messenger halted, said “I’ll wait; I’m weary.” Marian went cold & saw the Knight grip his sword
TTa:16 The Knight glanced at her & the horseman. Both tensed. “It’s dark. Get wood for torches.” He led the way. “I’m sorry” Marian murmured.
TTa:17 “You fear an ambush” said the horseman under his breath. The Knight’s eyes lit with steel. “Too well. But we are not caught yet.”
TTa:18 “They want you & expect us as an army” said the Knight to Marian. “What’s in the cave?” “Tunnels & many exits. One is ahead” said she

TTa:19 Suddenly came footfalls in the dark—many. “He’s told we’re only 3” whispered the Knight. Mari grabbed the 2 & pulled them to the cave
TTa:20 They saw dark forms & glint of steel. “Inside” said the knight. She knew the tunnel well. “This goes to the front & east.” “Good.”

TTa:21 “We need our horses” said the Knight. Mari gasped: “But my family?” “We must escape & return.” She nodded, grieved. “This way.”

TTa:22 “Tis a harsh way to spend Christmas,” said the horseman. “In a cave!” The Knight smiled. “It was good enough for the Savior.”

TTa:23 Mari led them into the cave, a torch aloft for light. Soon she snuffed it to embers saying “The entry is close, enemies may be near
TTa:24 The entry tunnel opened wide before them, echoing with fierce voices. One the messenger’s: “You cannot blame me for her escape! Noo!”

TTa:25 “Comb the woods. Find her!” they heard. The Knight drew breath. “What is it Rob?” said the horseman. “The voice, Ed! Duke d’Lorrimer!

TTa:26″Him here? Why?” said Ed. “I don’t understand, the Duke is the Baron’s close friend” Mari gasped. “His closest traitor” said Rob, grim
TTa:27″The Duke can take the Barony if he has Mari’s secrets.” Rob & Ed vowed to protect her. Taking the cave tunnels they emerged far away

TTa:28 The 3 made it back with news of the Duke’s plot. They were hailed as heroes; but Mari vowed to soon return & find her family. THE END.


All content © 2007 Christine Taylor


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  1. Great post! This post has given me a lot to think about as well.

  2. Thank you! 🙂

  3. […] December–I came on board 4 days late, which led to the title of my first TwitterTale…“Four Days Late.” It began the story of Lady Marian of the Barony, as she struggles to find her lost family. Little […]

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