At the Cry of Ne’erday

TwitterTales…the creation of writer @seamusspeaks…a complete short story in one month, one Twitter post a day, 140 characters at a time. Not as easy as it sounds, and it doesn’t sound easy. But fun? Most certainly.

@Seamusspeaks invited me to participate last December–I came on board 4 days late, which led to the title of my first TwitterTale…“Four Days Late.” It began the story of Lady Marian of the Barony, as she struggles to find her lost family. Little did I know what writing a TwitterTale would be like–I had visions of completing a novel in less than 30 days. Heh heh. Not happening. December’s Tale was rather rushed at the ending, as I ran out of days.

But I was ready for January. I wrote the whole month’s Tale in one sitting, and posted one segment every day (unless I forgot, ahem). And I am continuing the saga each month.

But as it might be hard to find the Tales in the mountain of my Twitter Blither, I’m posting them in their entirety, to date, here on my blog. I’ll add every day’s post until the month’s story is done.

So whether you follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my blog, I welcome you to check back daily for the latest part of the adventure!

And stay tuned…


At the Cry of Ne’erday

TTb:01 Snowflakes settled on the hair of Lady Marian, peasant-born confidante of Baroness Aster, as she stood where she had a week before.
TTb:02 Before her was the maw of the cave where she had escaped the plan of Duke d’Lorrimer, who desired secrets of the Barony. Her secrets.

TTb:03 A messenger had lured Mari to her home camp with news of an attack. Now, her people were still missing & the traitor was found dead.

TTb:04 Beside her was a tall man with sword & crest. Sir Robert Wood, Knight & nobleman. He had saved her, & now returned to search with her.
TTb:05 Her heart thanked him, as it did Edward, Horseman of the Barony, keen & wiry ally who had been loyal. He too returned to help.

TTb:06 “The trail is cold Milady,” said Rob. He treated her as nobility though she was but a wild peasant whose friend had married well.

TTb:07 “My people never came to the caves. Yet the camp is destroyed. Where are they? Would the Duke know?” Rob was grim: ”Would he tell?”

TTb:08 Ed sighed “I should revel for Hogmanay, yet I choose to stand in the snow.” “With thy mouth closed, one would rather” Rob bantered.
TTb:09 “I shall search quietly” Ed vowed. “I saw spires of a castle deep in the woods—Perhaps there?” Rob frowned “It’s the Winter King.”
TTb:10 “Truly he could shelter my camp!” Mari said. “Nay” said Rob “He’s cold & disloyal to his land. Returns only with the season of snow.”
TTb:11 “But I must try” she whispered & quickly mounted her horse. “You both need not follow.” The 2 men smiled wryly: “Oh no?” & followed.

TTb:12 The day’s ride took them to the King’s lavish, snowy land. Nearing the castle, Rob said low: “Be cautious. This King is no friend.”

TTb:13 Rob’s nobility gained them audience with the King. Garbed in velvet & ermine he looked powerful. His eyes scorned Rob & fell on Mari.
TTb:14 “Who is this charming lady & why honor me with a visit?” he said. Ed groaned under his breath. Rob frowned. Mari blushed & explained.
TTb:15 The King said: “You seek refugees but they aren’t here. Stay with me & I will send for word of them.” Mari stammered thanks & agreed.
TTb:16 Mari was led away by courtiers. “This is bad” Ed barked privately. “I dislike him!” Rob was grave: “Now we’re separated—that I hate.”

TTb:17 Mari came to supper richly gowned. The King doted on her & tried to draw her away from her friends. She cast tense glances their way.
TTb:18 “To Ne’er’day!” the King toasted “To a year’s alliances” “With whom?” Mari asked. “With the Barony” he smiled, “& you if you’ll stay”
TTb:19 Mari blushed. “I must leave to search!” The King said: “No need. My men are searching.” Ed muttered to Rob: “Yes & my horse can fly”

TTb:20 As Ne’erday dawned Mari stood outside. She was offered a rich life as Queen & an army to find her camp. Yet her heart staggered. Why?

TTb:21 The King came behind her, asked: “Deciding?” “I cannot stay” she murmured. His face was cold. “But you must. Or the Barony suffers.”

TTb:22 Mari paled. “What?” The King’s face hardened. “I desire you for my wife. I can destroy the Barony if you refuse.” She panicked. “No!”

TTb:23 “I can’t marry, I must search—” The King grabbed her arm. “Your camp is lost. I heard tell the Duke destroyed them all. Give it up!”

TTb:24 Mari struggled vainly “You never sent the army” she charged. He sneered. “You are a fool. Go inside Lady, this will be your home now”

TTb:25 Suddenly a command: “Let her go!” The King spun & saw Rob. Mari escaped & ran to him. “Leave us Knight or pay dearly!” the King raged

TTb:26 “You have no power over Milady’s choice” he challenged “The Barony guards the land in your foul absence & is honored. You are hated.”

TTb:27 To Mari he said “Go quickly to Ed” She hesitated but feared for his safety without help, so obeyed. Yet Ed waited to take her away.

TTb:28 “Ride quiet, Rob will come after” Ed relayed throwing her up on her horse. Mari clung to her mount as it pounded the road behind Ed’s.

TTb:29 Miles later the sound of more hoofbeats gave her heart fear then relief. Rob was riding. “What happened?” she asked at a pause.

TTb:30 “Ride hard. I fear we are outlaws” said Rob “The King is weak in the land but not in his home. I seem to have angered him. Ride hard.”

TTb:31 Mari & Ed agreed. The three rode hard through the woodlands for the rest of Ne’erday, & escaped…to an uncertain future.


The end…for now…


All content © 2008 Christine Taylor


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