Fan Fic – Masters of the Alternate Universe

In digging through old boxes and files, I’m coming up with a lot of fan fiction I wrote in years past. I thought, why not share? 🙂 🙂

The following is a story I wrote in 2002, inspired by the premiere episode of a new cartoon incarnation of “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.” This brief series, which aired on Cartoon Network, was an unsung “master”-piece of animation, voiceover acting, and story composition. Episodes are most likely available on DVD, and I’d highly recommend them for viewing. Great for adults and kids alike. And for geeks like me? …Ambrosia.

I was enthused enough to write this story—it follows the outline of events in the premiere episode, but the perspective and words are all mine. I had a blast. Only the hardest of the die-hard geeks (or those who look closely at the IMDB article) will catch the ending references, though. :):)

I invite you to visit the planet Eternia, and take a glimpse into the journal of a genius…



Masters of the Alternate Universe:




I, Duncan—Man-at-Arms, advisor to the king, and palace scientist—have decided to henceforth record the activities of my days in this journal, as I have begun work on several inventions that may prove useful, and I wish to keep a standing log of the processes I use and the discoveries I make for further reference.

Let me begin by listing that I currently have two major projects on my workbench, one more developed than the other. The first, which I began working on several weeks ago, is a mid-sized vehicle, the main function of which is to retrieve


My lovely daughter Teela interrupted me earlier, informing me that the King and Queen requested my presence at breakfast, since there were many matters to discuss in relation to the young Prince’s birthday celebration this evening. I gave my hearty approval to the serving of pudding, as I’m partial to it; and I gave my reluctant support to the idea of asking Man-E-Faces to give an impromptu performance at the celebration. Man-E-Faces is an accomplished warrior and a good friend of long standing, but his act…

Well, no matter. I also stand on record as having slightly disagreed with her majesty the Queen on the subject of Orko. She thinks him to be “delightful,” and a perfect choice for the official entertainer of the evening; but I have my misgivings, since there will, after all, be something as volatile as pudding in the same room with him. We shall see.

But to resume my description of my current projects. The vehicle, as planned, should be able to hold up to two passengers, and is designed for maximum maneuverability. Its focal point will be my latest invention, which will be affixed to the nose of the vehicle. It is a finely controlled and highly sensitive tool which, when operated, will


Yet another interruption; the time had gotten away from me. It was necessary for me to supervise a sparring session between Teela and young Prince Adam. My friend Mekanek joined me in observing the lesson—and, thankfully, our good friend Stratos was also nearby, since our heir to the throne would have fallen sixty feet to the ground if Stratos had not caught him. Adam is adept at operating his hovershield, but his attention span could use a little work, especially when massive statues are rapidly advancing on him from behind.

My Teela tried to warn him, but he took the warning as another of her witticisms, designed to distract him from the “battle.” Teela is a wonderful daughter, and I am proud of her progress in her battle training; but I do wish she would not pick on the King’s son quite as much as she does. Thankfully, Adam does not seem to take offense; rather, he considers it a challenge to prove Teela wrong.

The boy has talent in the arts of defense and battle, there is no denying it—he is truly his father’s son; but he has grown up in an atmosphere of peace and contentment, which has dulled any sense of caution he might otherwise have developed. It disturbs me to see that he gives little thought to the possibility that our kingdom may again face the threat of war someday. His faith is in the Mystic Wall that imprisons our enemies; but he does not know what those enemies are capable of doing.

I have had a growing feeling of apprehension about those very adversaries for some weeks now—it may well be nothing. But still, I would want the Prince to be better prepared.

But that is neither here nor there—I was speaking, before, of my vehicle. The invention that I have fashioned to affix to the


The birthday party looms on the horizon—my presence is required to oversee the last preparations and the arrival of the guests. I will resume my discussion of my projects later this evening.


Not even I, who had been experiencing feelings of dread for some time now, could have imagined what the remainder of this day would bring.

Keldor has returned—only now, due to his horrible disfigurement, he is calling himself “Skeletor.” He harnessed the power of the Corodite Crystal to break through the Mystic Wall, and led his followers on an attack against the palace. The damage is great—it will take weeks, perhaps even months, to repair. It is only by Heaven’s intervention that no one was seriously wounded, though there were a few injuries among the courtiers and guests.

The battle that followed was intense; I myself was swallowed by a giant flying fish, an experience I would rather not repeat. Skeletor kidnapped the King, and would have killed him, in spite of the valiant efforts of the Heroes—my daughter Teela among them—but for one thing.

It is something that I cannot record, for I am sworn to secrecy; but I may say that the great hero—whom the Sorceress spoke of long ago—has finally emerged to defend Eternia. He rescued the King and even saved the lives of our warriors—“Masters of the Universe, all,” he called us. He truly is a great hero, one of whom I am very proud.

I will leave my inventions for a later time and go to my rest, which I thoroughly require. I did not sleep well last night—perhaps in foreboding of the events to come; but mostly due to the fact that I spent the entire night dreaming that I was a large robot capable of transforming into a vehicle. But again—that’s neither here nor there.

Oh, and one last note: Orko blew up the pudding.

© 2007 by Christine Taylor



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