The Fairy Court of Seasons


The Fairy Court of Seasons

Every season of the year brings a new Fairy Queen to reign over the Fair Woods. Each Queen is different, and is accompanied by her own attendants. There are other courtiers who are present year-round, and attend every Queen.


Winter, Fairy Queen of the Season, ascends her throne with quiet grace. Her beauty and celebratory spirit are welcomed by all—despite the harsh conditions that are known to weigh upon her reign.



Loyal attendant to Queen Winter, Holiday’s warmth and passion help to soften the hard times that often beset the Court during the Queen’s reign.



Evergreen serves faithfully as attendant to every Fairy Queen of the Season. The reign of Autumn always gives Evergreen a brief fear that her vibrant youth will fade; but it never does…and with the arrival of Winter, Evergreen truly shines. She looks forward to Winter’s rule with great joy.



Quiet Frost is close to Queen Winter of the Fairies, and also contributes to the courts of Autumn and Spring. However, Frost is rarely present during Summer’s reign.



Sunlight serves in every court of the Seasons…but the Queen of Summer is her closest friend. When Summer departs, Sunlight begins to grow distant from the court.



Autumn, Fairy Queen of the Season, has only just passed the scepter to her successor. Now it is her part to wait and rest…knowing that her vibrant spirit and reign of bounty will be welcomed by the Court when it is her time to rule again.


~~~by Christine Taylor
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