Cinderella’s Closet

'Princess Edrienne' by mousewords


Is anyone doing fall cleaning around the house? I redid my closet today. Specifically, I needed to redo my closet when my shoe rack collapsed under the weight of several canvas paintings-in-progress and a large box filled with quilting fabric. (Well, I dunno, what else do you use a shoe rack for?)

While I was rebuilding my canvas tower beside my sandwiched sweaters, I took the time to do a bit of “weeding.” I came up with one shirt and an old windbreaker that really have to go. Thankfully, I’m pretty up to date on keeping my closet organized—I’ve been through it recently and discarded those wearables that I almost never wear.

So what’s in your closet? Mind if I take a guess? No, not skeletons. Remember that soiree you went to some time ago—and the dress you purchased for it? That fancy slip of a thing that everyone said looked so stunning on you—the one you’ll never wear again? Because, sometimes, you can only wear a dress once. Maybe it’s because you’re blessed with a million others. Or perhaps you’re an outdoorsy type, and by the time you go to another function like that, the styles will have changed completely. Or maybe it’s because the dress just looked so darn good, that now everyone remembers it.

There’s another possible reason, which usually involves the combination of time and the ingestion of too much chocolate, but I won’t get into that one. (Like I won’t get into those jeans I stuffed back on the shelf today.)

So what do you do when you have a beautiful dress gathering dust in the back of your closet? One of three things. You can either:


A: Put it back in the closet, knowing (or hoping) that you’ll wear it again some day

B: Put it back in the closet, knowing (or even hoping) that you’ll NEVER wear it again someday

C: Give it away


I have a suggestion that might help you make that decision. Rather than stuff an unwanted dress back in your own closet, why not put it in Cinderella’s?

In many areas, the local High Schools have a program they often call “Cinderella’s Closet.” Cinderella’s Closet accepts donations of evening dresses and rents them out to students for special events. Remember how much that dress cost you for the soiree?? I remember mine, and even at that price it was a steal. Not every teen can afford the dress of her dreams for homecoming or prom; but with the help of Cinderella’s Closet, any girl can be a Princess for a night. Those of us who glean gorgeous, unwanted dresses from our stash of finery just might help make a wonderful memory for a young student somewhere.

So while you do your fall cleaning—or damage control, as the case may be—think ahead to the coming holidays. You’ll probably be buying something new to wear. So maybe take a moment to consider what you’ll do with that dress you only wore once last year.

Perhaps, somewhere, there’s a Cinderella who needs a fairy godmother.


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