Today is the Day!

'Strength' by Stacy J-M Taylor

Today is the day!

The Art Helping Mountain Gorillas charity auction is going, going…nearly gone! Incredible examples of original artwork are ending throughout the day, with a storm of activity coming this evening.

Many artists have created moving tributes to the family of gorillas that was slaughtered in July. Robin Andreae, the artist who was inspired to put together this auction, has taken it upon herself to paint a portrait of each of the gorillas that was lost. She has succeeded, beautifully—her paintings are poignant, yet joyful.

There is art for many tastes in this auction, just as there are many different artsts contributing. I wish I could wallpaper my blog with their work, but I won’t do that without permission. In the meantime, I can display what my family has contributed. Throughout the day, I’ll highlight individual artists—starting with StacyJMT:

For this auction, the fine-art photography of my 19-year-old sister, Stacy J-M Taylor, focuses on inspiring mountain scenes that she has captured across the US. Stacy has a talented eye and unique perspective. Her goal is to bring the beauty of nature to others through her photographs:

Through Stacy’s photography, one’s spirit soars, as the viewer feels the connection between humankind and nature.

 There is more to see and much more to experience by taking a tour through this online gallery display.  I welcome everyone to stop by and take a look…but it’s best to hurry, because these offerings will soon fade into the mist. 


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