A Second Look

Thanks to Leola, one of my fellow artists (whose lovely blog is on my blogroll), I took a second look today at my painting, “Hidden Within.” I had photographed it under my art lamp, since I had completed it at night. Well, I now looked at it in the daylight, and was horrified to see the color change between natural light and indoor lighting! Well, not horrified in the sense that it’s bad—it’s actually really cool. But not when it looks different from the listing!

So I took a scan. It doesn’t all fit on the scanner bed, but here’s an example:



This picture more closely captures the look of the painting in natural daylight. The colors of the picture below look closer to indoor lighting conditions. The contrast (lightness/darkness of the colors) are also closer to reality in that one.

There we have it. I guess it was too easy the first time.

When I wrote of this painting earlier, I said that some things need a second look. I guess that’s true! JJ

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  1. Beautiful painting…either way you look at it! 🙂

  2. Wow, he’s still gorgeous, but who knew……I like them both but didn’t ever think there would be such a difference in colour.

  3. Thanks, Bettina!

    Leola–you and me both!!! :-):-)

  4. I just added Bettina’s “Fairywebmother’s Laboratory” blog to my blogroll—fabulous blog! I welcome everybody to stop by and take a look!

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