The Excitement Mounts…

So here is my artwork for today: “Hidden Within”


Inspired by the dignity in the gaze of a silverback’s eyes, I set out to create a piece that somehow expressed the blending between a gorilla and the territory he inhabits. Looking into the Virunga forest, one may just see underbrush—or suddenly catch sight of the form of a mountain gorilla.

The power in this animal’s body, even when he sits at rest, was stunning to my thoughts. One can feel every muscular curve in the vision, and sense the strength within.

How to depict that with my art! Well, I may explore the subject further, until it satisfies me; but for the time being, this is a good start. Working with watercolor pencil, I drew out my composition, filling in blocks of color in certain areas. Watercolor pencil will blossom into deep shades when wet; so for other areas of the drawing, I chose wax-based pencils. This helped me preserve linework and certain colors and values. Finally, I took out my watercolors, and dashed into the work with rapid brush strokes.

If this were acrylic or oil paint, it would be called “impasto”! That’s a heavy technique marked by bold brush strokes and thick layers of paint. I really should pull out those mediums for a few works, or get out the gouache (opaque watercolor with a thicker texture). I’ve caught myself painting impasto with my watercolors too often lately!

As the last strokes stood drying on this work, I rushed to organize my eBay listings for the evening. In addition to my own art, I manage the sale of my sister’s fine-art photographs; and recently, I have been managing the artwork listings of other family members, also. It’s been wonderfully fun, but hectic!!

Today marks three more days left in the Art Helping Mountain Gorillas charity auction! On eBay, the available listing durations are 10, 7, 5, 3, and 1-day. For this auction, so far I’ve listed original artwork for each of those, except for the 1-day listing. (Not yet—that one is in the pencil drawing stage!) This is amazingly exciting. Around 7pm Pacific time, as I get ready to list my offerings for the day—sending them out into the world like ships out to sea—I feel a shimmer of anticipation, wondering what other art will be appearing at the same time. It’s like waiting for the fireworks to start on the Fourth of July…a couple explode on the scene to start, then a spectacular display follows!

By searching “WDGP” on eBay, one is treated to an exhibit of beautiful art. Thoughtful, inspiring, compassionate, filled with feeling. I’m very proud to be a member of this group, helping this worthy cause.

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  1. This is piece takes my breath away. His eyes are haunting. I am in love with him!!!!!!!!! Well done!

  2. Thank you, Leola!! Honestly, that’s how I feel about many pieces of your artwork, especially your lightning and pegasus works. Takes my breath away!


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