Send Out the Marines!

'Glow in the West' ACEO by mousewords

It seems like it’s becoming inevitable. 

We’ve had at least a month of clear evenings–no clouds in the sky.  Late this afternoon, my family and I went for a walk in the hills just inland from the coast.  Bright, warm sunshine–piercing blue skies.  Lovely!  Then, as we headed back down to sea level, we felt ourselves being enfolded in that familiar, chilly, damp embrace of a rolling fog bank.  The hazy marine layer proceeded to engulf the coastline all the way up to the inland hills.

The topographical area where we live is something akin to a bowl–curving hills surround us on every side.  Well, right now that bowl is fiiled with pea soup!

We can hear plenty of fireworks going off around us…it isn’t quite dark yet, so none of the city displays have begun.  There’s still a chance it may clear away.  However, I’m distinctly reminded of last year—when we went up into the hills for a splendid view of the seashore and all the fireworks displays for miles around, only to find ourselves staring into a hazy grey mist illuminated by colorful lights.  With big “bangs.” 

Such is life on the coast.


Well–Happy Fourth of July, anyway!!!

Side note about the artwork : I drew this pastel ACEO late last year, but it turns out to be very appropriate for today.  Can you see the American flag hidden in the sky?  That was my subconscious putting pictures in my art again. 

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