Happy Birthday!

'Birthday Angel' by skyM

So what’s today, you may ask?


 July first.

 The day of rest.

 Yes on all three counts.  But today also happens to be the birthday of a great friend!

 Allow me to introduce you to skyM.  Fantastic Mom, savvy businesswoman, computer techie (though she’s modest about it), and–perhaps most well-known–talented artist. 

 Though she has been known to work in different media, Sky’s focus has been on acrylic.  Her soft, colorful style and amazingly detailed brushwork seem to glow from her pieces.  As one of her collectors, I have first-hand experience with the nuances of her work.  Reminiscent of the Impressionist technique, she builds up shimmering layers of colors until one can almost see forever into the backgrounds of her art pieces.  Her talents have been turned to many different subjects–her florals and animal artwork truly shine.  

Recently, the predominant format of her artwork has been in ACEO size, which is 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches, trading card dimensions.  Achieving detail of this caliber in that small size is no mean feat. 

 Sky has developed many popular series with her work.  Highlighting them all is her trademarked Hyacinth Cat Series, which has been a hot seller on eBay ever since Hy first appeared from Sky’s brush.

'Love Blooms' by skyM

Based on Sky’s own cat, Hyacinth, this series is a luscious exploration of color and mood.  Lady Hy is every bit as elegant and camera-shy as Sky’s art pieces depict her to be. One of her favorite pastimes is gazing out upon the flowers, which was what first inspired Sky to paint her. The rest is history.

Always one to try something new, skyM recently created the “Little Blessings,” a series of precious folk art angels. Each little angel has a different theme, and charming details in their wings, dresses, hair, and in the objects they hold. 'Kitten Baby Angel' by skyM

Sky’s talented children are also following in their Mom’s footsteps–their artwork has been known to appear along with Mom’s auctions from time to time. 

 As a human being, skyM is always among the first to lend her support wherever it’s needed.  Her encouragement and friendship have meant a great deal to me.  She challenges me to do better than I think I can do, and keeps me going on days when my own challenges make my artwork seem pointless.  This very morning, she asked me why on earth I wasn’t blogging a certain character of mine.  Not that I haven’t been meaning to…but like so many other things, it might not have gotten done if she hadn’t given me the push I needed.  Thanks, Sky.

So Happy Birthday to a dear friend. I thank God that He has put you in my life, and pray that He showers His best blessings on you…just as you do for others.

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  1. OH what lovely pictures. How nice to have a good friend. I know the feeling of art work feeling pointless. Hang in there!

  2. Thank you, Jennifer! What a nice thing to say! :):)

  3. For once….I am speechless

  4. :):D

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