Of Mousewords and Man

'Beauty and Beast' by mousewords

I love hidden pictures. As an art enthusiast, I enjoy searching for them. As an artist, I can’t help drawing them into my work. My inclination is to incorporate meaning into the work through the use of symbolism and stories—in other words, hidden pictures. Even when I don’t intend to put them in, my subconscious is on overdrive, and causes me to incorporate them anyway.

Love looking for hidden pictures? You can take a glance through the examples of my artwork. Many, like “Beauty and Beast” above, have several pictures or meanings woven throughout the work. All my art these days, though, includes one particular hidden picture: the mousewords mouse.

My Mousie

You can find him in this art piece—he has a tendency to hide right out in the open, as it were, sometimes. Other times, he’s a bit harder to see. But he’s always there.

Robbie Burns was the poet who quoted the famous line, “Of mice and men.” His poem, “To a Mouse, On Turning Her Up In Her Nest With The Plough,” has been a long-time favorite of mine. I can often relate to the tiny character in the story.

A modern-day reader might do a double-take over the 18th-century Scottish writing, but the meaning endures—the best-laid plans of Mice and Men often go awry, and bring nothing but grief and pain where joy had been promised. Mr. Burns felt this, as he couldn’t help but “cast his eye” on the dreary past, and “guess and fear” about the future. I’m guilty of both, I’m afraid! But I shall try to be a bit more like the little Mouse—the present only touches her. Her well-laid plans for promised joy may have been uprooted and laid to waste; but after her first shock and sorrow, she gathers herself together again, and moves along, starting over elsewhere. It’s the only thing she knows how to do, but it’s a blessing of an example to her fellow-mortals.


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  1. Meanings are hidden in the smallest works of art, even when not intended. Any object of art is defined by its relation, or its appearance to the viewer. Do you think otherwise?

    The nature of progress in time is somewhat similar. In the smallest activities of all the elements of this universe is hidden the meaning of future. Not only the universal future (that, probably remains unchanged), but the futures of individual entities like a mouse or a man.

    I have not read Burns’ poem, but a similar parallel is drawn in a far more cruel portrait in D. H. Lawrence’s work titled “Of mice and men”. Have you read it?

  2. Yes, all art is given meaning by the artist. I agree, one definition of art is in its effect on the viewer. Going a step further, I’ll add that art is also defined simply by the act of creativity. Whether it’s technically advanced or not is irrelevant—if the process of creation gives joy to the creator, it’s art.

    And as for life and times, each instant is part of the whole picture of life. We may never see all the effects our actions have on the whole…but yes, they do matter.

    Strangely enough, while I’m very familiar with Burns’ poem, I haven’t read “Of Mice and Men” yet. There’s something new to learn every day!

  3. It was a pleasure reading your response to my comment.

    if the process of creation gives joy to the creator, it’s art.

    Exactly. Creation is always about joy. And that is probably why any beautiful creation becomes art, for a beautiful creation always gives birth to joy.

  4. Yes, that’s the best art, the kind that lifts us up and brings joy to our hearts. Heaven knows there’s enough sadness to go around. :);)

    So many times, I’ve heard people say, “I love to paint, but I could never be good at it,” or something like, “I’m not an artist–I can only do collage.” That has become a theme with me–trying to encourage anyone with art in their soul to let it out! If you love doing it, it’s art.

    Have fun, be yourself…it’s not a contest. If it were, I know SEVERAL artists who would be waaaay ahead of me in the race. :);)

    Thank you for your thoughts! Words can be art, as well, which you prove nicely. :);)

  5. Thank you. I am flattered, honestly!

    I was eager to explore the rest of your blog, but the few categories I clicked on, had no posts under them …. are you reconstructing the blog?

    I ask this because I would have liked to provide a link to your blog from my page.

  6. Ah, thank you! Actually, I just began organizing my blog, so not all my categories are filled up yet. But they wil be in the coming days!


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